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Highs and Lows and local Australian vintage store Cold Wave Vintage have teamed up to put together a pop-up shop comprised of carefully curated vintage band T-shirts and merchandise.

The bands featured are from the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s and stem mainly from the punk rock and metal genres.

A lot of the pieces are incredibly rare and hard to come by, making this pop-up shop a must-see attraction for anyone into the bands and genre of music on show or anyone who is riding the recent band tee wave.

Flip through some of the band tees above and then head here to check out Highs and Lows’s zine featuring more of the vintage T-shirts.

In other news, F.C. Real Bristol and WTAPS have teamed up for a crazy animal print collection.

  • Main & Featured Images: Highs and Lows
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