This week we continue our collaborative photo project with Freunde von Freunden, documenting the living and working environments of interesting people around the globe.

This week we visit professional skateboarder and visual artist Ed Templeton and his wife and photographer Deanna Templeton.

To know Ed and Deanna Templeton requires intense admiration of their twenty-five year relationship. And if familiar with either of their photographs, you've likely had a voyeuristic look into their life together.

Ed has, almost compulsively, documented their life together. He's shown us the challenges and elations of young marriage, the loss of a parent, concussions and injuries, the delight of friendship, and most intimately: love and sex. Aside from taking central focus in Ed's work, Deanna has been creating her own narrative that concentrates of her external world. Deanna quietly but provocatively calls into question topics of identity, body image and private versus public space. Like most-things-Templeton, this balance typifies their relationship; his realism to her optimism, his quick snap to her "May I take your photograph?"

From their book-lined living room, deep in Southern California suburbia, Ed and Deanna shared thoughts on everything from personal inspirations to marriage to camera preference.

Sit back, go in full-screen mode in the above gallery and get inspired.

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Photography: Fette Sans / FreundevonFreunden

This photo series was produced by FreundevonFreunden. FvF is a Berlin based international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments.

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