After months of anticipation and a marketing campaign that roped in everyone from Chance the Rapper to Chloe Sevigny, H&M x KENZO's 2016 designer collaboration finally dropped last night in locations worldwide.

As was the case with 2015's Balman tie-up and Alexander Wang the year before that, these releases now come with a certain air of predictability. First, the hype reaches fever pitch as the drop approaches and people freak out wondering how they're gonna cop.

Second, the drop occurs and, depending on whether they were successful or not, people then log on to the internet to curse or praise their luck.

And third, Instagram becomes overwhelmed with happy people flexing in their new garb while those who missed out look in from the outside in a state of wistful despair.

If you happen to fall into the camp of wistful despair, then fear not, for there is a (slight) silver lining as we have rounded up the best IG #HMxKENZO looks below. Better luck next year.

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