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By Christopher Turner

We may not have had as many chances to show off all of our most fab footwear this year, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn’t be treating yourself to a new pair. The latest PUMA drop for women, the Provoke XT, is a stylish training shoe that was created for women who aren’t afraid to take risks either during or after their workouts.

The Provoke XT is a dynamic silhouette that was built to challenge the standards of conventional athletic design, without compromising on style…This is a sneaker that fits in almost every situation and offers up maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic construction. Plus, the sleek Provoke XT has a premium knit upper that guarantees breathability, a progressive asymmetric collar, bold tongue construction, an all-around secure fit, and a zoned rubber outsole for grip and traction.

Then there are those pops of pink. But it’s not that muted or dusty baby pink hue — aka millennial pink — that we’ve seen everywhere for the last few seasons. Hot pink is having a major moment and the nostalgia-tinged pink accent color on these kicks makes any outfit seriously pop. It’s a color that screams youthful, stylish, and aggressively feminine. Yeah, we’re here for it.

As per usual, influencers from across Canada have been showing us a thing or two about what it means to truly show out in footwear and the Provoke XT’s turn every outfit into Instagram-worthy moment. Bold statements are abundant here.

Unsure of how to style PUMA's Provoke XT? Take it to the 'gram for a bit of surefire inspo. We asked three of our favorite influencers from across Canada to show us how they styled the kicks before hitting the streets.

Josephine Cruz - Toronto, Ontario

Josephine Cruz
Josephine Cruz
Josephine Cruz

"My style is pretty casual, but when I wear something really sporty I try to pair it with contrasting items to create a more balanced look. The Provoke XT is a pretty technical shoe, and looks the part with the geometric tooling and dramatic shape. So to offset that I paired them with my favorite vintage denim jacket, and threw in some mismatched patterns in the checkered shirt and fuzzy leopard clutch."

Nina Huynh - Vancouver, British Columbia

Nina Huynh
Nina Huynh
Nina Huynh

"I always struggle with naming my aesthetic cause it's constantly changing depending on how I feel or what mood I am in but it would say that if anything, it's always playful. I styled the sneaker with one of my favorite tops at the moment. It's a super simple white tank but I like the cut of it and the waffle gives it a more distinct look - I am also breastfeeding at the moment so I am all about anything that makes it easier to do.

I wanted to incorporate the pink accent on the sneaker into my outfit so my pink tie-dye tote was an obvious and practical choice. There's also some hot pink moments in the scarf wrapped around my hair, not that you can really tell but I know it's there and that's what matters right? It's a simple outfit but it's comfortable, fun, and perfect for Vancouver summers."

Ana Cruz - Montreal, Quebec

Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz

"When it comes to fashion, I like to keep it simple. I'm all about minimal looks, so I accessorize with my shoes. I styled my PUMA Provoke XT's with biker shorts since that's a summer staple for me. Then I added a plain white tee and layered on a plaid oversized sweater. For my second look I threw on my fave oversized jersey, for a sporty look instead of the classing leggings and sports bra. To elevate the looks I added my fave sunnies."

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