It's only been a few days since Samsung unveiled its first foldable phone, but Huawei has already come through with a competitor, the Mate X.

Today, Sunday February 24, the company's CEO, Richard Yu, unveiled its $2,600 5G folding smartphone. As with Samsung's announcement, Huawei isn't letting the public get too close just yet.

What we do know is that the Mate X has a single 8-inch OLED display that can be folded like a book. In his review for Forbes Ben Sin reported that “The fold is backwards instead of inwards (meaning the screen continues to face out even when folded), and the hinge isn’t quite at the mid-way point, as one side of the display bends back to fit into an aluminum chassis that holds a vertical row of Leica-branded cameras.”

When the phone is folded the “front” has a 6.6 inch display. The back screen is 6.4 inches and can be used for taking selfies, and other tasks that users tend to do with one hand, such as dialing phone numbers.

What sets the Mate X apart from the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is that the display spans edge to edge when both folded and unfolded, thus creating a more immersive effect. The other differentiating factor is of course the $2,600 price-tag, which asks $600 more than the Samsung equivalent.

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