IKEA has tapped into its most creative for a new ad inspiring curiosity. The minute-long teaser film was created by three creative agencies: Morten Kühl Christensen from Kühl & Solvstrom with Nikextension and Barkas, and displays the materials used in their latest collaboration with Danish furniture design company HAY.

The ad is set in a barren apartment with pure white walls and a wooden herringbone floor. A rolling glass ball traverses the floor of the apartment, segueing into another room where the video taps into the world of the weird for a surreal turn. A white rectangular prism set in another room can be seen contorting and unraveling into a large wooden coil. While the video focuses on vague suggestions of the materials to be used in the upcoming collaboration, a spool of thread labeled "YPPERLIG" can also be seen, meaning "excellent" in Swedish.

The collaborative collection is scheduled for release in 2017.

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