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Vladimir Konovalov‘s Infinity House is designed for individuals who prefer a quiet oasis surrounded by nature. Located in the mountains of northern Norway, raw materials have been utilized in building the home, further connecting the residence with the neighborhing landscape.

The house is ultimately divided into three main elements: the exterior concrete superstructure, black concrete infinity pool (located on the roof), and a black box with a bathroom and hidden staircase. All in all, the house is designed to be an open space on the interior, with the living room, kitchen and bedroom receiving natural light from strategically placed windows.

Inside Infinity House, the bathroom then houses the aforementioned hidden staircase, leading up to the 21-meter infinity pool that is positioned on the roof. The heated pool is in turn sectioned off into two areas: the swimming lane and resting bath.

To get a better feel for Vladimir Konovalov’s Infinity House, click through the gallery above.

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