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Hong Kong-based art gallery Over The Influence showcases an exclusive exhibition by internationally renowned French artist Invader, featuring his latest book, New Mosaics of Ravenna.

Consisting as the artist’s seventh invasion guide, it embarks on a journey to the capital of mosaics — Ravenna, a city located in northern Italy known for its Paleo-Christian mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th century.

Like all previous invasion guides, Invader has created unique mosaic artworks for a limited number of copies of New Mosaics of Ravenna. This valuable collector’s series is now showcased at Over The Influence until Thursday, October 26.

Featuring 25 unique artwork covers in celebration of Ravenna’s history and heritage, the pieces incorporate historical motifs with new meanings and interpretations.

Iconographies of early Byzantine art, his signature Space Invaders and emblematic figures rendered in shades of midnight blue, white and gold, a shimmering reminiscence of the starry nights and more are notable design elements, while Invader’s forward-thinking aesthetic is further exemplified with the utilization of retro-futuristic 8-bit digital imagination that concurrently pays tribute to the past.

If you’re in the area, visit the gallery’s official address below.

Over The Influence (New Mosaics of Ravenna)
1/F, 159 Hollywood Road Central
Hong Kong, China

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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