Jaden Smith dropped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show earlier today to debut his new single "Again," as well as drop details on his 2017 SYRE follow up project, ERYS.

"The last person I have on the record is the craziest thing ever. I have Kid Cudi on the last song," Jaden says on Beats 1. "Cudi's my favorite artist... It goes so much deeper than music. Fashion. And just being yourself. He changes... He comes and he hangs out. Something that people don't know is me and Cudi have been making songs together since before I released my first project. He's kind of been mentoring me my entire exploration through music."

Regarding album features, Jaden reveals he's "having all of MSFTS on the album, having Tyler on the album. Having Rocky on the album, and Cudi. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. And I just want people to know that this album is going to be very different."

His latest single delivers a mix of old and new Jaden. "Again," featuring his SYRE  character, delivers a much more trap-heavy influence in the beginning, which seems to be the theme of ERYS and the albums protagonist. On the second half, SYRE takes over to give a more vulnerable slow-tempo melody. The song acts as a great transitional period, as the SYRE chapter comes to a close and a more energetic, head-banging EYRS story comes to light.

Alongside the new single, Jaden shares the tracklist and release date for the upcoming project. Dropping this Friday, July 5, the album features contributions from Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, Jaden’s sister Willow, and Trinidad James. Check out the tracklist below, as well as his new song called “Again.”


"P" "I" "N" "K" "Noize" f. Tyler, the Creator "i-drip-or-is" "Again" f. SYRE "Got It" "Fire Dept" "Mission" f. Trinidad James "Summertime in Paris" f. Willow "Blackout" "Pain" "Chateau" f. A$AP Rocky "On My Own" f. Kid Cudi "Riot" "ERYS"

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