Jeff Bezos greets during Amazon event in India
Getty Images / Sajjad Hussain

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has just bought the most expensive home in Los Angeles, The Wall Street Journal reports. The property cost an eye-watering $165 million, but to the wealthiest man on earth, that sum is just pocket change.

To put it in perspective, $165 million is only an eighth of a percent (yes, an eighth of one percent) of Bezos’ $131.9 billion net worth. The Verge takes that clarification further, stating that the purchase is essentially the equivalent of a person earning $60,000 per year buying a house for $75.

The property in question is the Warner Estate, which spreads out over nine acres in Beverly Hills. It was designed and built for the former president of Warner Bros., Jack Warner, in the ’30s and comes complete with several guest houses, a tennis court, and a golf course.

At $165 million this purchase marks a house price record for the Los Angeles area, beating a $150 million Bel-Air property that previously held the top spot.

Bezos reportedly also splashed out $80 million on a few New York apartments earlier this year. It’s unclear whether his LA estate is where he will primarily reside.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer