On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! a bunch of “marijuana enthusiasts” at Los Angeles’ Venice Beach were duped into claiming they were stoned after being offered an instant high dubbed the “incredible edible,” which in reality was just plain old regular candy.

The ruse was part of a segment called “Highwitness News.” Pot smokers — one dude actually worked at a marijuana store — were told the incredible edible would enter their bloodstream almost instantly, giving them a high within five seconds. The placebo worked, with pretty hilarious consequences. One interviewee claimed the weed-free candy had calmed her tremor, while others reported a clearer perspective and easy breathing, with one girl noting, “Yep, I’m definitely faded.” Another even commented about the lack of THC flavor in the edible. Go figure. Watch the segment in full above.

Would you fall for this prank? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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