Who Is America? is a political satire mockumentary TV series created by Sacha Baron Cohen on Showtime, and during Sunday night's episode, the British actor/comedian convinced Jason Spencer, a GOP state representative in Georgia, to do racist impressions of a Chinese tourist, shouting the N-word, and displaying his bare bottom in an effort to scare away terrorists, in what was supposed to be an anti-terrorism training video.

During the prank, Cohen portrays Erran Morad, an Israeli antiterrorism expert who teaches Spencer how to avoid a terrorist kidnapping. "You have three seconds to attract attention," Cohen says, adding, "In America, there is one forbidden word. It is the ‘n-word’." Spencer then begins screaming the racial slur as Cohen arrests him with a finger gun.

Additionally, during the segment, Cohen details a technique for identifying a terrorist wearing a burqa by using a selfie stick and photographing the person’s genitals. As a practice distraction technique, Jason Spencer mimics a sterotypical Asian accent and shouts random words like "sushi," "chopstick" and more to convince bystanders that he’s a "Chinese tourist." Later, he pulls down his pants and runs backwards into Cohen while screaming "America!" as a demonstration of how to "intimidate ISIS" with the threat of homosexuality.

In response to this negative portrayal, Spencer has texted a statement to Washington Post reporter Steven Zeitchik, who tweeted it out in a lengthy thread below.

With the public demanding his resignation from the House of Representatives, Spencer has vowed to exit his seat when his term ends in five months.

Also, in case you missed it, you can watch the first episode of 'Who Is America?' as Sacha Baron Cohen dupe politicians into citing Cardi B as a reason to arm kids.

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