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Located in Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, Jinji boutique stocks a range of casual and utilitarian-influenced menswear garments. The shop’s edited selections encompass many of the niche European, American and Japanese labels that remain elusive to French consumers.

Because of Jinji’s highly curated nature and tendency to carry difficult-to-find clothing, vintage specialist Gauthier Borsarello considers the store a rare gem. To spread the word, he and friend and photographer Laurent Laporte collaborated on a branded editorial which creatively displays the boutique’s current assortment.

Titled “La Filature” or “The Tailing,” the pictorial calls on the aesthetics and conventions of 1970s French gangster and detective films. For the shoot, Laporte decided to get fully into character and take on the role of a spy. Not only did he procure a vintage camera, which gives the photographs that wonderfully grainy, aged look, he also engaged the zoom, creating a similar effect to that of actual surveillance photos.

The models play their part, too, and behave as if they are completely unaware of the intrusive eye that tracks their every movement. However, decked out in Levi’s Vintage, Todd Snyder Champion, Engineered Garments and specially selected vintage items and accessories, they don’t quite look like the French gangsters who inspired Laporte and Borsarello. Click through the gallery above and see the full spread.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland