John Elliott and Guillermo Andrade’s 424 have joined forces in celebration of their California roots. A nod to the Los Angeles street of Andrade’s 424, as well as the town of Fairfax in the Bay Area where Elliott went to high school, the two brands present the "Fairfax" hoodie.

“G and I realized we were from the same hometown (In The Bay), knew a lot of the same people, and had common connection points," Elliott noted. "We had lunch and he said, 'We should do a Fairfax hoodie - You’re from Fairfax and I’m on Fairfax Ave,' and I immediately responded, 'We have to do that, its a souvenir. It’s authentic to both of our brands - for very personal reasons.'”

Andrade then went on to add, “When I found out he was from the same place that I’m from in The Bay I was hyped! To meet another person from Marin County who was also in fashion and doing so well was inspirational for me.”

To help introduce the top, Elliott and Andrade tapped NBA baller Nick Young, a close friend of each brand. “He’s a bridge to both worlds in a literal sense," John said. "Nick is from LA and now plays for the Golden State Warriors in The Bay.”

You can look forward to the John Elliott x 424 "Fairfax" hoodie launching exclusively at Barneys San Francisco this Saturday, April 28, where John and Guillermo will be hosting an in-store event from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The hoodie will then hit John Elliott and 424 Tuesday, May 1.

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