jorja smith on your own video Lost & Found

Burgeoning English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith this week shares a new music video in support of her celebrated debut album, Lost & Found. Presented is “On Your Own” from Rashid Babiker, the same director responsible for Smith’s “Teenage Fantasy” aesthetic.

The visual stars Savannah Acquah as she turns the pages of a book loaned from the library. Titled Jorja Smith, the work details a story of love and lust.

In speaking on the video, Babiker had this to say:

“Before Jorja even asked me to come up with a concept for “On Your Own”, as a thought experiment I was imagining books, the hardback clothbound ones, being retrofitted into interactive photobooks, or video books sometime in the future when print is in the terminal stages of obsolescence.

I imagined them to be like those 1940’s gramophones that bare the Dolby digital insignia and have Bluetooth connectivity but aren’t gramophones; the ones that visitors mistake for vinyl players, the same visitors that mistake you for being cold hearted enough to correct them.

To stage it in a way fitting for the song I channelled imagined-nostalgia from the perspective of a girl, a fan of Jorja, who’s living in an intentionally anachronistic world where these videobooks exist and cassettes are the new, old vinyl of today. Even with the nondescript time period, from the year markings in the book you can determine the book is from Jorja’s “lost & found” period and the world is set a bit further into the future.

The whole thing works as a music video by having a great song firstly, Jorja always makes it easy in that respect, interesting content on the pages (just like a good book), thematic parallels to the lyrics, and choreographed page turns that act as cuts. But then it’s a real jigsaw puzzle piecing everything together!”

Press play above to watch Jorja’s “On Your Own” video, then see underneath to revisit Lost & Found.

In other music news, Maroon 5 is expected to perform at Super Bowl LIII.

Not NYC, not LA.