josh sperling big time exhibition
Josh Sperling / Perrotin gallery

Shortly after wowing Seoul with his "Two Purple Tigers" show, NY-based artist Josh Sperling is debuting his most expansive exhibition yet. The aptly-titled "Big Time" opens today and is something of a homecoming for Sperling, marking the artist's debut solo exhibition in New York.

Building on the distinctive "chromatic geometry" that has come to characterize his work, "Big Time" focuses heavily on the architecture of the gallery space itself, presenting his unique form of shaping canvases on a grand scale. For example, the 'squiggle wall' piece is presented on a colossal 15 by 17 foot wall. It is a natural evolution of Sperling's style, and yet is is an unmistakably bold new direction for the artist.

"Big Time" is showing at the Perrotin Gallery through February 16.

In other design news, Daniel Arsham's new "Sand Circle" sculpture is a wonder to behold. Check it out here.

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