The first trailer Daniel Radcliffe's new project Jungle has arrived, and damn is it scary.  The film finds Radcliffe traveling the world on a gap year-type adventure that goes drastically wrong.

The clip begins idyllically enough, but quickly go downhill when Radcliffe teams up with fellow travelers and decides to go on an expedition to the Amazon, but it turns out that their guide has less-than-benevolent intentions for the group. Once they reach the absolute wilderness, he abandons them to die in the forest. The group struggles with the elements, each other and their own metal health as they try to fight for survival.

The chilling real-life story is based on the Yossi Ghinsberg's book of the same name. Catch Jungle in theaters later this year.

In other movie news, Happy Death Day is like a sick and twisted reboot of Groundhog Day.

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