Kanye West bought a new house. Normally, that wouldn’t be newsworthy, considering the YEEZY founder’s net worth, but the fact that it’s right across the street from his old marital home, and the fact that it looks the way it does, makes this particularly noteworthy.

Ye’s old house, which he shared with Kim Kardashian, has reportedly been transferred fully to Kardashian. This new house is apparently just across the road, which he likely bought to be closer to his family following his and Kim’s separation though it's at least a little weird to move that close to your ex-wife, no?

The artist FKA Kanye West had a lot of input in how that house’s interior was designed, glimpses of which were often seen on Kim’s Instagram stories. It's common knowledge that Ye likes a certain aesthetic, best described as sterile and earthy. Ye’s new house has none of that.

According to the listing, the house is a one-story ranchette in Hidden Hills with a kitchen that was last renovated in 2005. The property includes a 3-stall barn for horses, a pool with a diving board, and a lot of green space, all of which would be hard to imagine Ye using on his own.

The interior is basic — for Ye’s standards — with a lot of wood and exposed brick that lean into the ranch vibes.

Perhaps that’s exactly what Ye was looking for after putting his Wyoming property up for sale recently, but it’s more likely that the house’s location right across the street from his children was the main selling point.

Even more likely is that Ye will have the interior of the house renovated to his liking, though imagining him chilling in the house as-is makes for a funny image.

The NY Post reports that the house was sold for $4.5 million, though there’s no word on when — or if — Ye will be moving in and whether renovations will even take place.

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