Kevin Hart co-hosted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, which was highlighted by Robert Irwin -- the 14-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin -- and his "totally harmless" animals.

From the beginning of the segment, the comedian already displayed his discomfort with random animals, as he ran off the stage when Irwin brought out a baby ostrich that began to chirp some noises.

"You know what she's saying. I want some little black man, and all of his brothers," Hart said.

Kevin Hart struggled to keep his fear in check, especially when Robert Irwin brought out some kingsnakes and a tarantula. In the (8:38) mark, both Fallon and Hart expressed how frightened they were at the spider by quickly distancing themselves away from Irwin, with Hart especially a few feet away and directing Irwin to stay away, and Fallon attempting to climb a wall.

Hart eventually showcased that he wasn't afraid of a falcon though, despite their large sharp talons, as he managed to get close, but still in an uncomfortable manner.

Enjoy the clip above, then after, watch Kevin Hart explain the do’s and don’ts of sitting courtside below.

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