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Clinton clinches enough delegates for nomination

Even though five full primaries have yet to play out today – most notably the Californian one, which happens to be the biggest in the country – the Clinton campaign has announced its own victory, apparently having claimed enough super delegates to clinch the Democratic Party nomination. Team Sanders has questioned the timing of the announcement, painting it as an attempt to demoralize potential voters who might see their ballot as pointless. – Washington Post.

John Oliver buys and forgives $15 million worth of medical debt

John Oliver, host of HBO's comedic current affairs series, Last Week Tonight, bought up $14.9 million worth of medical debt for $60,000 (plus the $50 it cost him to register the company that he used to buy said debt) before writing it all off on television. This was done to illuminate one of the most predatory practices in late-stage capitalism, illustrating how easy it is for U.S. companies to buy debt that really had nothing to do with them, turning a huge, immoral profit if they manage to reclaim it. – New York Times.

Kimbo Slice dead at 42

The world hasn't even stopped wiping its tears for Muhammad Ali and yet another sportsman who made a career out of hitting people has passed away: former street fighter, MMA fighter and YouTube star, Kimbo Slice, is dead at the age of 42. The exact cause of his death is unclear. – TMZ.

Money matters more than talent in fashion these days

The key to getting a great fashion education these days isn't so much an individual's talent, but rather their finances. Cuts to government grants in Britain are forcing students into taking out loans to pay for their education, making a fashion education increasingly out of reach for those that aren't funded by their parents. – The Guardian.

Airbnb in transgender scandal

A transgendered TV host and producer was denied accommodation by an Airbnb after disclosing their gender status. The host in question didn't want a transgender person staying around her 13 year-old son just in case it might make him uncomfortable. The scandal doesn't end there, though: Airbnb promoted the aforementioned host to "super host" status. Dun dun dunnnn. – Forbes.

Argentina beat Chile in Copa America opener

If you're unfamiliar with the Copa America, it's a footballing competition contested by the top national teams in the Americas. In a rematch of last year's final, Argentina walked away as 2-1 victors against reigning champs, Chile, in the opening match of Group A. – SkySports News.


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