Work From Home is a new vertical dedicated to life and culture in the strange and unprecedented situation of self-quarantine that many of us are dealing with right now. From what to watch to how to get a fit off and how to not think about anything, this is our guide to the great indoors. For updates on the spread of Covid-19 and how to keep yourself safe and informed, consult WHO and the CDC.

The world is shifting in reaction to the coronavirus, and Highsnobiety is no exception. For the safety of our global network and offices in Berlin, New York, London, and Los Angeles, Highsnobiety is working from home along with other creatives in fashion and media. Rather than viewing it as a setback, we’re turning the situation in our favor and making the most of it by launching a new podcast called ‘Vibe Check.’ Host Jian DeLeon (co-host of ‘The Dropcast’ and one half of the Mule Boyz) checks in with guests from the Highsnobiety world to provide bite-sized tastes into their lives and how they are adjusting and adapting to the global pandemic.

Brain Dead founder Kyle Ng joins us for the first episode of ‘Vibe Check’ where he gives a rundown of both his personal life and brand out on the west coast. While the crowd in LA has been wringing out groceries from stores left and right, Kyle isn’t halting his plans to hit up the paintball park. Brain Dead’s studio is located in LA’s Chinatown, a place where many Chinese-owned businesses call home. There and elsewhere, Asians are experiencing racial discrimination fueled by fear of the coronavirus (2:25).

The below interview is a transcribed version of ‘Vibe Check.' It has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Kyle Ng: Racism’s real. We’re in America, baby. I think they don’t realize at the end of the day, these things are caused by mass hysteria more than anything.

Jian DeLeon: Has it changed the way you’re doing business or your approach to running your label? Are you guys still in the studio at all?

KN: We’re always making stuff and online has been really busy for us ‘cause I think people are getting hot hands to buy shit. It’s kinda a bum that there’s no energy being built around the world right now in terms of physical energy. But I’m just really happy that people realize that we have to live our lives and not be scared of stuff.

In line with that attitude, Kyle recently visited Disneyland, Las Vegas, and other major epicenters prior to any shutdowns. He’s definitely on to something, as wait times for Space Mountain doubled this past week. This approach is also reflected in Brain Dead’s production, as most of the brand’s projects are continuing as per usual. Even so, consumers are acting with more precaution as sales in locations such as Ginza’s Dover Street Market are taking a dip (6:28).

KN: I’m just going to play paintball. For me, I play in the rain a lot and it’s really fun. I just crave it, to go out and be active. Paintball’s something that’s, you know, you’re not touching everyone, you’re just playing and shooting people. I’ve been rock climbing a lot, still out here in the gyms. You know, just wash your hands afterwards. I had swine flu back in the day and that was pretty gnarly. I got it from playing dodgeball.

JD: Oh you actually caught the H1N1 thing?

KN: Yeah, I got H1N1. That was nuts. That was real fucked up shit. I did my laundry, put it on my bed, next thing I know, I’m in the bed for a month and there’s just laundry and Gatorade bottles.

JD: Glad you recovered from that. Was there any big takeaway on how you fought that?

KN: I’m way more healthy now than I was then. Take my vitamins, take some mushroom supplements. You know how we do it.

JD: For sure Kyle. Hope you stay healthy and stay safe.

KN: Don’t lick any eyeballs, bro.

'Vibe Check' releases new episodes every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays so stay tuned for the upcoming episode later this week.

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