They’ve collaborated with Stine Goya, designed bespoke sunglasses for Sir Elton John and were shortlisted for the annual Hall of Frames Newcomer Award. Timeout London has even put it in print that they’re rooting for these guys -- and hopefully a future collaboration with David Hockney. Say hello to Larke Optics, an English eyewear maker who wants the world to be a better seeing and more stylish place.

Founded on the desire to produce exclusive artisan objects, the company’s sophisticated aesthetic combines age-old craftsmanship with minimalist design choices. Every pair of frames is intentionally simplified, handcrafted, milled from Italian acetate and then hand-polished to a perfect finish.

Larke’s respect for traditional methods hasn’t stopped them from adding modern technology to their artisanal production process. They only use the finest, most cutting-edge lenses in all of their frames. If you’re in the UK, Denmark or Japan you can purchase Larke frames at several brick-and-mortar stockists including favorites like Matches Fashion, Lissom & Muster and Stine Goya.

If you’re Stateside or anywhere else, just visit Larke's e-commerce site to purchase. See some of their current men's offerings above.

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