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The dance floor may seem like the last place where social insecurities lurk, but Le Boom is here to bring them to light with introspective electronic soundbites. On their latest single “Just Want To,” the Irish duo playfully dissects the realization of not fitting into a particular scene. Today, we’re premiering the Alina Maria Rancier-directed visual which beautifully depicts the internal struggle that the track conveys through choreographed movement.

In an email to Highsnobiety, producer Christy Leech describes the discomfort from this sense of hyperawareness as “that feeling we get when we look at the people around us and they all look like life just comes easily to them-like they’ve got stuff worked out.”

“Just Want To” is fresh off Le Boom’s forthcoming EP All Of My Highs due out on May 3. Scroll down to watch the music video in all its glory.

Words by Sydney Gore
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