After building a full-size drivable McLaren Senna using 500,000 bricks, LEGO unveils yet another automotive masterpiece with a full-size recreation of a Honda Civic Type R.

Certified LEGO Professional Ryan "Brickman" McNaught and a team of nine people took 1,300 hours to construct the replica Civic Type R, composed of 320,000 bricks. The team utilized genuine Honda CAD drawings and an actual model of the car to aid in the design process, while it also incorporates a steel support structure. Additionally, aside from capturing the distinct curvatures of the car and details like the rims and door locks, the model boasts functional exterior lights that can be controlled via an iPad.

The standout LEGO model was built to promote Honda Australia's sponsorship of the upcoming LEGO Masters TV show in that country, with the full-size replica Civic Type R slated to be showcased across the country throughout this year.

Enjoy the legofied Honda Civic Type R in the video above. For additional details, head over to Honda Australia's website.

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