Warner Bros. is apparently incredibly ambitious in its planning around an upcoming Joker film. The movie, which is to center around the origin story of Batman’s archrival, welcomes the expertise of the legendary Martin Scorsese, who will reportedly be brought on as a producer.

There may be a deeper ploy here in terms of welcoming Scorsese onboard, however, as the studio is aiming at landing Leonardo DiCaprio to play The Joker. The two of course have a longstanding relationship, having worked together on five films over two decades.

As it stands, there has been no offer made to DiCaprio, and it appears that Scorsese’s deal isn’t even done yet.

The new Joker picture ultimately finds Warner Bros. hoping to branch out from standalone projects, as opposed to following the same formula of previously connected DC films, thus honing in on non-traditional takes surrounding the familiar faces of DC.

In the past, DiCaprio has refused to star in such franchised roles, but could his pal Martin Scorsese lure him to the dark side? Only time will tell.

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Not NYC, not LA.