Lil Uzi Vert is doing more than most presidential candidates would dare. The 25-year-old rapper and highschool drop-out agreed to pay 90K in college tuition for a student who approached him in a mall recently. Take a look below.

In most cases, fans would try and foist their mixtape onto a big name rapper like Lil Uzi, but Temple student, Raheel Ahmad had other plans. As the “Die Today” rapper passed him, Ahmad went for it, asking “Uzi! What's good, bruh? Can you pay for my college tuition?”

Without missing a beat Uzi turned and addressed the debt-saddled undergrad.“Ninety grand? I could pay for that ... but this is the thing, though. If I pay for your college tuition are you going to finish college or are you going to bullshit?”

Ahmad is on track to graduate from the Philadelphia University in 2021.

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