Navigating your way through London's various vintage stores can be quite the overwhelming task, especially if you're not about searching through mountains of clutter in order to pull out a gem.

To make that adventure a little easier to digest, we've teamed up with Fenn O'Meally to show you the best vintage locations the British capital has to offer, and the pieces in them.

From trying on Palace hats and bootleg Gucci in Soho's Dukes Cupboard, to admiring labels in House of Vintage, to talking all things Stone Island at Nordic Poetry on Bethnal Green Road — take a peek at our top vintage streetwear picks in the video above.

Store details are as follows:

Dukes Cupboard 7 Greens Court London W1F 0HQ England

House of Vintage 4 Cheshire Street London E2 6EH England

Nordic Poetry 141 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG England

Do you have a favorite London vintage store? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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