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Maisie Cousins

Maisie Cousins' latest exhibition, "Dipping Sauce" is all about food, but you won't find any Instagrammable pictures here. Instead, Cousins' saturated close-up images highlight the ugly, oily, and congealed reality of the food we eat, calling into question what we eat and why we choose to share it online.

At once beautiful and revolting, Cousins' work confronts us with the gluttony and waste of modern life, something the artist touched on before with her "Rubbish" series.

Speaking about the project, Cousins says, “I am thinking of my own freedom, my own luxurious traveling and food consumption. I am fascinated by the restrictions of food outside of cosmopolitan areas and the extreme opposite: mass choice in cities. What I will be exploring with photography and video is waste, overindulgence, decay, and the universal language of food imagery.

"I spend a lot of time on Instagram looking at people’s depressing dinners. I find something honest and funny about them. This project is an amalgamation of all the things that I find charming and funny about food.”

"Dipping Sauce" is on show at the newly-opened Elephant West gallery in London. The exhibition is Cousins' second solo show and her largest to date. Her work will take over the gallery, with immersive prints, wallpaper backdrops, and lightboxes.

Cousins is the first artist to be shown at new space Elephant West, which is run by art magazine Elephant and located in a former gas station. The space will showcase emerging artists, inviting them to create immersive large-scale installations.

"Dipping Sauce" will run from November 10 until December 2 on Tuesdays through to Sundays from 12 p.m. local time to 6 p.m. Get more details here.

Elephant West 62 Wood Lane London W12 7RH

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