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This episode of The Dropcast is X-TREME #goals. Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by writer, editor, podcaster, and all-around icon Mary HK Choi. If you’re not familiar—GET FAMILIAR. Choi is the NYT-bestselling author of Emergency Contact, and a writer whose work has lived in publications like Complex, Vice, WIRED, and even Marvel Comics (peep her Lady Deadpool run ASAP).

Choi talks about her upcoming book, Permanent Record, the story of a well-meaning mixed race bodega boy who winds up dating the cloutiest superstar on the planet. It’s also chock-full of references to dope sneakers and dank memes. Choi weighs on which particular memes will never go away, and how they manage to stay relevant. Sort of in line with the piece we published earlier this week on how fashion memes have become a thing.

We also move into the latest news and drops of the week, from Kerby Jean-Raymond’s appointment at Reebok’s new ReebokStudies___ line to A$AP Rocky’s ongoing trial in Sweden. Choi also drops some knowledge about Jun Takahashi and some of the pieces you can cop right now on UNDERCOVER’s brand spanking new online store.

Then of course we get into the Question of the Week (QOTW), where we asked Dropcast listeners “What’s on your summer reading list?” Surprisingly, a lot of y’all can read. Thanks for the voicemails and recommendations, listen to the episode to see if you made the cut. And don’t forget to check out Highsnobiety’s Instagram every Monday for the latest QOTW, and call The Dropcast Hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) to weigh in and get a chance to be featured in the latest episode.

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HK Mary Choi

Words by Noah Thomas
Digital Fashion Editor