Too often do we find ourselves giving great advice that we seem incapable of following ourselves; it's a truism of human nature as old as time itself. And while some of us may have found a workable solution towards combatting our self-destructive tendencies, rising Chicago-based rapper Matt Muse presents a foolproof option in his new visual "MYSELF" - just clone yourself and dole out advice accordingly. Easy! Take a look at the trippy, double-filled video below:

Speaking to Highsnobiety via email, Muse broke down the video for us: “The concept of the video is basically me taking the time with myself to take care of myself. The version of myself who appears in the beginning is the regular me who needs to take time to work on my insecurities. The second Matt (with the visor and polo) represents the embodiment of the positive traits and characteristics that I struggle to address/big up when I'm down and having low self-esteem. The second Matt is spending the video teaching the regular Matt how to take care of himself (myself). I directed the video and it was shot by Interwine Productions. I wanted the video to be really funny and fun to watch.”

"MYSELF" is taken from Muse's new EP Love & Nappyness, which arrived on August 9. He describes the project as a "collection of ‘love’ songs inspired by five types of love discussed in greek philosophy and biblical text." Take a listen to the EP in full below:

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