MAX RAD london

London is always flooding with musical talent and the latest newcomer to float to the surface is MAX RAD. Today, we’re exclusively premiering the Jourdan Gomez-directed music video for his debut single “Carousel.” From the moment the words “I don’t love you anymore” pop up at the bottom of the screen in yellow, it’s clear that you’ll need to buckle up for this emotional journey. Viewers won’t be able to look away from the red and blue tinted visual as the two dancers spin around each other in an abandoned house. MAX elaborated on the concept for the video in an email to Highsnobiety.

“The choreography was really important to capture the mood of the track,” he said. “Whilst there’s a real intimacy between the two of them, it’s clear she has him wrapped around her finger.”

For anyone that has ever been left behind by a lover, this might be slightly triggering, but the pain is worth it in the end. Watch the gorgeous narrative unravel in the video above.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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