Netflix dropped the last two episodes of its Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance earlier this week. And while the series might have finished, the many style talking points it raised haven't dried up just yet. Of course, there were the title-winning sneakers and some WTF outfits to debate, but it's MJ's practice looks that have us reworking our workout wardrobe.

From classic sportswear sweaters to the signature tucked-in jersey, Jordan's prep uniforms, on display throughout The Last Dance, were simple, functional, and they looked good.

You'll find some pieces inspired by these fits below. And remember — the key to getting the true Michael-Jordan-at-practice aesthetic is by going oversized and tucked-in.

Scroll on for some Michael Jordan at practice-inspired fits.

Sportswear Tee and Sweatpants

Pictured above at a practice session for the McDonald's Open friendly tournament in 1997, Jordan sported a classic Nike check crewneck - also a favorite among '90s rave revivalists - and some staple grey sweatpants. The sports T-shirt and sweatpant look can make for the perfect workout attire when temperatures dip a little during summer evenings. It's also a go-to for the more casual fitness heads out there who aren't quite ready for the cut-off-your-blood-circulation lycra.

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Jersey and Top

Perhaps the most iconic of the MJ practice fits, the jersey with a T-shirt or tank top look was one that popped up a lot during The Last Dance. Bringing a touch of '90s athleisure to your 2020 workout, if you really want to wear it the Jordan way, then tucking in both jersey and top is an absolute must.

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Big Shorts and Socks

As well as a liking for tent-like jeans, Michael Jordan was also known to go big in the shorts department. Again opting for the tucked-in look here, Jordan shows off his appreciation for the baggy short pulled-up pretty damn high. When you're working out, keep it simple with some affordable white socks from your chosen sportswear brand down below.

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