Brazilian skateboarder Felipe Gustavo always dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player as a young boy, and now that dream is manifesting itself in a slightly different way. Before he ever picked up a skateboard, soccer was, and still is, a huge part of his life and with the help of his sponsors, the 28-year-old was able to shred Red Bull Arena, home to the New York Red Bulls.

“Skateboarding is my true love, but soccer was my first passion,” explains Gustavo in the video above. “It’s always that same feeling when I ride the board.” Now that he’s living in the States, Gustavo reflects on the influence soccer had on his career and how it continues to shape his life, even if he is a household name in the skate circuit back home.

Watch Gustavo skate the streets of New York City and Red Bull Arena as he explains his affinity for soccer, and learn more about Major League Soccer at

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