Moncler Genius is back, and this time around, it's bigger, better, and a little different from what we're used to. Say hello to Moncler MONDOGENIUS.

In the world of designer collaborations, few brands have achieved the scale and creative freedoms allotted to the partners that make up Moncler Genius. The project, which debuted in 2017, has seen Moncler serve as a template for some of the industry's biggest designers to refit in their own image. From Craig Green to Palm Angels and ALYX, Genius is somewhat of a tapestry, showcasing a creative spectrum built on the same base, presenting the versatility of a staple product offering to subvert expectations.

This season has marked the return of live shows, and as such, a return to form for the industry. Given the long hiatus, it's only right that brands put their best foot forward and shift the needle.

Moncler MONDOGENIUS is precisely that – taking a brand experience with which we've become familiar and presenting it with a larger scale and renewed vision.

For the first time, all of Genius was joined in one space, unifying the creative visions that have made up the project over the last four years. The show, presented as an immersive digital experience, provided the cultural enrichment of travel that we've been unable to access throughout the pandemic, taking us on a trip through the worlds of 11 designers in 5 cities. Watch our event recap video below.

Taking viewers from Milan to Shanghai, Tokyo to Seoul, then to New York, and back again, the show took a deep dive into the wider world of Moncler and reminded us why the Genius project has been such a success. By creating a unified digital space in which global communities could connect with Moncler Genius, the principles of communication and collective experimentation at the core of each collaboration were emphasized and celebrated.

Moncler chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini, describing the vision for MONDOGENIUS, said: “Today is not only about products but is even more about our communities and the culture we want to shape together. The world is changing, and people do not want the same things as before. They demand and expect more from brands. Today, we must find new ways to connect and engage, becoming pioneers of new messages. The greatest inspirations I had in my life came directly from people, and at Moncler, we know that the more we inspire people, the more they inspire us. I truly believe in the power of connecting communities around experiences and creative visions. This is the principle that guided the creation of Moncler Genius for 2021."

In essence, MONDOGENIUS created 11 shows in 1 and spotlighted the worlds that birthed each collection. Starting in Shanghai, the show was led by 3 Moncler Grenoble, leading into Hiroshi Fujiwara's FRGMT, and DingYun Zhang. In Milan, JW Anderson presented a short film, while 2 Moncler 1952 Man celebrated art, with Craig Green and Palm Angels closing off the European leg of the tour. The final destinations –Tokyo, Seoul, and New York – were guided by HYKE, GENTLEMONSTER, ALYX, and 2 Moncler 1952 Woman.

Delve into the world of Moncler MONDOGENIUS, and find out more about each of the upcoming collections online.

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