Estée Lauder is taking its new ad campaign to another planet. The cosmetics company has enlisted NASA to photograph one of its products for an otherworldly promo.

According to ABC News, Estée Lauder is doling out $17,500 an hour to have pictures and video of its Advanced Night Repair serum captured in space. The imagery — taken in the most photographed spot on the International Space Station, the Cupola — will then be used in a marketing campaign that is to be shared across social media.

The night serum is scheduled to launch on a Northrop Grumman Antares rocket on September 29. Astronauts will be photographing the night serum while in space, although they will not be featured in the images.

The Estée Lauder photoshoot comes as NASA is actively encouraging commercial business opportunities for the International Space Station. The administration will be dedicating five percent of astronaut time to commerce or business activities moving forward.

Estée Lauder isn't the first company to have its products sent to space, however. Back in 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to space. And more recently, adidas struck a deal with the International Space Station to test Boost technology in space.

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