Following the very public airing of the sexual misconduct claims made against famed ‘House of Cards’ centerpiece, Kevin Spacey, entertainment company Netflix has officially cut its ties with the actor.

News comes following Netflix’s announcement to cancel House of Cards earlier this week, making the sixth season its last. In a statement issued by a Netflix spokesperson to Variety, “Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey.” The same report goes on to confirm that season six will still be brought to an end, simply without the involvement of Frank Underwood.

Amongst this, Gore, a film that was both produced and acted in by Spacey, has been decidedly cancelled during its post production period. Netflix has taken the accusations made against the actor very seriously and in a bid to avoid tarnishing its own name in any way, shape, or form, has halted all action that might even hint at supporting Kevin Spacey’s acting career.

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