Finish him! Nick Cannon appeared on the MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet yesterday rocking what can only be described as a highly adventurous Louis Vuitton-meets-Mortal Kombat look.

The entertainer immediately had people speculating about the inspiration behind his ’fit, with everyone from Mortal Kombat fighters Scorpion and Sub-Zero to Batman's Bane getting a mention. "Bruh wearing a briefcase as a vest," noted one Instagram user, while another was more scathing, claiming Cannon is "the worst dressed celebrity of all time."

Some, however, seemed to like it, even asking where they could buy the face mask. "The shit that Nick Cannon had on went hard," tweeted one fan.

Cannon has yet to comment on his eyebrow-raising look. He paired the tactical briefcase — sorry, vest — with capri pants and custom Louis Vuitton monogram Vans. After some digging, it appears the garments are the work of bespoke designer Sheron Barber. Find more of his work here.

What do you think of Canon's look?

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