Nicole McLaughlin is set to release her first official collection of upcycled apparel, footwear, and accessories in collaboration with Reebok next week. The 17-piece collection comprises one-of-one upcycled apparel, footwear, and accessories made using old and new Reebok product. Each piece is handcrafted by McLaughlin herself.

McLaughlin, who until recently worked for Reebok as a graphic designer, gained a following on Instagram, where she shared her one-off creations made out of a variety of different products. Now she has turned her attention to some of Reebok’s products, telling Highsnobiety “I have such a strong love for Reebok’s archive and vintage product. I wanted this collection to highlight their incredible history, while combining my own design ethos of upcycling and remaking.”

Upcycling is McLaughlin’s modus operandi and it is clear that sustainability is an important aspect of her work. “I think we need to talk about sustainability from step one, like creating a pattern that has no wasted materials,” she explains. “I believe that this way of thinking is the future of design.”

Though her collection is only 17 one-of-one pieces, McLaughlin believes that sustainable collections can be created at mass market. “It has always been thought of as such a daunting and expensive task, but there are plenty of opportunities: take back programs, restoration of garments, and breaking down/reusing fibers just to name a few,” she says. “Brands need to think more about the future rather than fast money.”

The Nicole McLaughlin x Reebok collection is available starting September 12, both through an online raffle and an in-store raffle at the launch event at Reebok Union Square in New York.

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