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For our latest in-house editorial shoot we got our hands on the new Nike Tech Pack, a cutting edge collection fusing street- and sportswear’s most technical and functional features.

The crew and hoodie feature a Tech Fleece body constructed from a lightweight plush foam between soft cotton jersey that traps air and provides warmth, breathability and insulation. The Tech Knit sleeves function similarly and include motion-activated color-shifting ribbing also seen on the medal stand in Rio this summer. This is the first time Nike Tech Fleece has been paired with Tech Knit technology, which has been engineered to be both breathable and insulating.

The shoot—shot predominantly on an analog camera—highlights these street-worthy qualities, and amplifies them using a moiré pattern. The effect typically involves two identical patterns overlaid and slightly displaced from one another, and so reflects the relationship between street- and sportswear. While independently significant, when repositioned, the styles intersect and share commonalities.

Take a look at our shoot above and find out more about the Nike Tech Pack at Nike.com.

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Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor