Just days after the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle, TMZ now reports that the LA rapper was killed while trying to help out an old friend who had just been released from prison. The suspect in the murder has been identified as 29-year-old Eric Holder by Los Angeles police, and was captured on Tuesday.

According to sources that spoke with TMZ, the Grammy-nominated rapper met up with the friend at his Marathon Clothing store on Sunday afternoon to help him buy new clothing. The friend had served 20 years in prison, and Hussle wanted to provide him with something to wear, just before reconciling with his family.

TMZ points out that Hussle failed to let his team or his security guard know he was going to the store alone, and were not even aware of his departure from his residence.

Tragically, Hussle was eventually confronted outside of his store by Eric Holder, who fired multiple shots, killing him. TMZ says that Hussle’s friend was one of two other individuals who were shot and injured in the attack. The third victim was the friend’s nephew, who drove him to the store.

Follow on over to TMZ for the full story. For more, learn how Nipsey Hussle proved himself to be one of rap’s most genuine figures here.

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