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Newcomer beer brand NOAM has been carefully developed as a homage to Bavarian lagers. Respecting the time-honored practices of Bavarian beer craftsmanship, NOAM has collaborated with one of the world’s most innovative brewing laboratories to create a beer for the 21st century.

The light, refreshing lager boasts a mild taste with floral and savory notes, while the complex flavor can be attributed to the delicate “Smaragd” hops. All ingredients are meticulously sourced from the valleys of Hallertau, a widely respected region for hop-growing. The beer is neither filtered nor thermally treated, and finished via a six-week aging process.

Capping things off, the golden-colored beverage is presented in an Italian glass bottle, reflecting the bespoke craftsmanship of the beer itself. The entire undertaking was completed in partnership with Swedish creative consultancy ACNE.

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