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First launched in 2014, Korean streetwear label NONAGON just teased their FW18 collection that takes direct inspiration from the classic 1960s British Mod era.

For the uninitiated, NONAGON is a luxury streetwear brand that’s not only informed by youth culture, but also strives to represent it. The rapidly converging space of high-end luxury and street culture has enabled NONAGON to tap into another source of inspiration for its latest fall collection—the Mod Rock era.

British Mod fashion in the ‘60s was innovative, bold, and brash, and NONAGON’s FW18 collection, titled ‘MODXXXXXX,’ is clearly defined by these beliefs.

‘MODXXXXXX’ is a rephrasing of MODERNIST and is NONAGON’s way of paying homage to the British mod concept while simultaneously redefining it for today’s generation. Its FW18 delivery highlights key looks ranging from oversized sweaters layered with hoodies to outerwear featuring open-shoulders and detachable arms for a collection that truly defies sartorial boundaries.

Peep the lookbook above for a detailed look at all the fire pieces and look for the collection to officially drop in June.

Words by Daniel So
Branded Content Editor

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