Part cowboy boot, part massive block of cheese from Switzerland, Off-White™'s wild new "Meteor Shower" boot just landed, shaking this season's footwear landscape while doing so. The piece is part of the label's wider space-age element that was displayed at its SS20 show in Paris last year — you know, back when we could actually go to shows. Cut-out pants and vests also made the runway.

Back to the stop-and-stare boot, though. The calf-high piece is made in buffed leather and arrives here in a crisp all-white colorway and with a pretty substantial heel. Cut-out details across the body of the shoe and heel give it its unique character, while Virgil channels his signature habit for unnecessary explanation via the "for walking" instruction pinned to the boot.

Whether you want to add a brave new frontier to your rotation or just marvel at the dairy-inspired boot in all its glory, head down to see more.

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