As a followup to his participation in their Actually Me series — during which he went undercover on social media to respond to fan comments — Offset is back to take part in another GQ segment, now showing off his incredible jewelry collection.

In case you haven't been keeping track, most rappers still have a strong affinity for jewelry — the bigger and brighter the piece, the more street cred is given. By this measure, Offset and his arsenal of bling should be well respected, as the Migos member flaunts his roughly $3 million collection.

From chains and watches, to rings and glasses, Offset seemingly spares no expense when it comes to accessories. In addition to showing GQ his rain drop pendent and Offset drip, among others, the 27-year-old rapper brought out Cardi B's $150,000 Lola chain. He then went on to reveal that he and Cardi sometimes share jewelry. Furthermore, Offset disclosed that he spent $500,000 on Cardi B's engagement ring.

Nonetheless, to peep the highlights from Offset's $3 million jewelry collection, press play above.

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