Brand: Olderbrother

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Olderbrother's website

Editor's Notes: On the surface, Olderbrother makes elevated simplewear clothing with an aesthetically pleasing palette. But there's a lot going on between the stitches; a studied eye isn't necessary to appreciate Olderbrother's unbothered apparel but it does help one appreciate it more.

Let's back up: Olderbrother was founded a little over seven years ago in California by Max Kingery and Bobby Bonaparte.

Over the better part of a decade, they've refined their cuts designs but retained the core ethos of eco-conscious clothing that's produced both ethically and domestically.

Fall/Winter 2021 is as good a time to get into the brand as ever.

It retains a lot of core Olderbrother tenets (organic dyes, approachable shapes) but dishes some new clothing styles that further the brand's design cues beyond classic workwear.

Workwear is a typical Olderbrother touchstone, long informing its patchwork chore coats, indigo-dyed workshirts, and double-knee trousers.

FW21 reiterates some of the fan-favorite bits — sherpa-lined chore coats, relaxed collarless shirting — and offers them right alongside new shapes that fit right into the Olderbrother story.

Waffle-knit T-shirts, puffer jackets, and pile-lined hoodies ("soft like a cat’s belly") are nothing you've not seen before but Olderbrother does them way differently than you're used to.

The T-shirts, for instance, are cut from premium Japanese thermal cotton and colors by dye sourced from beet kvass and madder root. Cashmere sweaters, meanwhile, are made of 99% recycled cashmere sourced from Italy, vat-dyed in fermented persimmon fruit, and dried in the sun.

Needless to say, Olderbrother doesn't deal in faceless basics.

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