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Paria Farzaneh

London-based designer Paria Farzaneh set up her SS19 presentation in a small patch of grass in London’s Southbank over the weekend. Models wore the designers work while hanging out in raised platforms that gave the feeling of window-gazing into someone’s house. It looked like a holiday in Tehran, and there was music to match.

The 24-year-old Iranian designer titled her collection ‘7’, a reference to the Seven S’s or haft sin, the seven essential symbols which come together to celebrate the Iranian new year, also known as Nowruz.

Farzaneh's collection was wearable, clean and highly detailed. A intricate print could be seen recurring throughout the designs, appearing on pants, jackets, short-sleeve shirts, shorts, bags, bucket hats, and Converse sneaker. There was also a selection of clean graphic tees featuring Iranian script and eyeball prints, which broke up the otherwise monochrome-tan collection.

This was a promising collection from an exciting designer, who's already been co-signed by Frank Ocean in her short career — one to watch, for sure.

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