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Parra knows a fine bit of design when it sees it. The Amsterdam-based brand has long worked with Case Studyo to create striking homeware and collectibles, all leading up to a curvy new creation which we're dropping as part of our massive HIGHArt release.

A Pear Lamp


Parra x Case Studyo

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Like the pair's collaborative Give Up tomato sculpture, Parra and Case Studyo's A Pear Lamp is a belegged fruit that also functions as a lamp.

Give Up and A Pear Lamp are both part of Parra's Pop Fruit series, which previously included 2012's Goddess on a Mountain Top, a taller ceramic version of this slouched-over pear lamp.

The anthropomorphized pear is a little saucy, a little silly, and a very serious piece of art. Make no mistake, these limited edition works — A Pear Lamp is offered in an edition of 1,000 — have value on the second-hand market, even if they are just edible arrangements with heeled boots.

Parra claims that his hybrid fruit characters are an examination of "the rule [fruits] can play in our daily life." I don't see a ton of depth in the curvaceous pear lamp, but it is pretty funny and the high-contrast colors — Parra's signature red and blue — are not only a funnily "off" look for the fruit (I guess pears can be red, though), they're a good palette for a funky, modern lamp.

It's also pretty huge, standing — or sitting — tall at a foot and a half and about a half-foot wide. If nothing else, the A Pear Lamp ought to be a good conversation starter.

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