If you create a work of art and don’t post about it on Instagram, is it still valid? Is there a direct correlation between the number of followers a creative has on a social platform and the talent he or she possesses?

The relationship between art and commerce has become more complicated than ever. As the internet has given global creatives access to lucrative partnerships with brands and agencies, it seems anyone’s big break is just one direct message away.

On the other side of the coin, originality and authenticity is at risk of being trapped in a creative feedback loop, since a saturated visual market bombards modern creatives and consumers with an endless array of images.

So how does one still create original works in a world where it seems every story that can be told has been told, or where every perspective seems to have been covered? And more importantly, how does a young creative build exposure for himself or herself when it’s getting harder and harder to set yourself apart from the pack?

On today’s show, we speak with Chris Unwin. He launched The Creator Class in November 2014 as an offshoot of his agency, Free. It functions as a cultural incubator to empower a new generation of creatives through education, commercial opportunities and resources provided by Canon Canada.

Joining us is Fabien Montique, a DONDA-affiliated photographer and director who has worked with Kanye West, Zayn Malik, Pusha T and Virgil Abloh. Montique and Abloh recently debuted an installation at Toronto’s Free Space called “On Fashion and Images,” featuring his unique take on Abloh’s most recent OFF-WHITE collection. A coinciding film will be released on thecreatorclass.com on November 24.

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