Ahead of the release of Coco, Oh My Disney was recently blessed with a tour of Pixar‘s animation studio.

In order to make their way around campus, employees don’t simply walk like the rest of us would. They in turn maneuver on scooters. While the main building is dedicated to the late Steve Jobs, you will then find a hidden lounge located behind a fireplace, ultimately paying tribute to the Oakland Oaks baseball team, as the franchise’s park was previously located where Pixar stands today.

From there, you will notice that the studio’s decor is often themed around the company’s latest picture, this time, again, being Coco.

For a look inside Pixar’s impressive animation studio, press play above.

Pixar is of course responsible for some of the most iconic animated films of all time, ranging from Monsters, Inc. and Cars to Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Wall-E, among countless others.

Now here are 10 secrets about the Disney Pixar universe that will blow your mind.

  • Main / Featured Image: Frankie Taggart / Getty

Not NYC, not LA.

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