Givenchy has shared Matthew Williams' first visual for the house since being appointed creative director in June. Williams collaborated with two of his close friends for the project, as Nick Knight is responsible for the video, and Playboi Carti lended his vocals to the campaign.

Carti can be heard delivering various pronunciations of "Givenchy" throughout the brief clip, saying the name of the French fashion house both correctly and incorrectly.

"It was just so fun to hear him say the brand’s name over and over and over, in right and wrong ways, that it made it extra relevant to me," Williams told Vogue. "I wanted the message to be: It doesn’t matter how you say it, any way is right, as long as it’s your way!”

Visually, at the center of the campaign is new hardware in the form of a lock branded with Givenchy's 4G logo. The piece draws inspiration from the Love Locks on Paris’ Pont des Art.

Williams is widely recognized for his hardware creations, specifically his ALYX rollercoaster buckles. Only time will tell if an emphasis is placed on similar pieces during his tenure at Givenchy. But in the meantime, you can watch the designer's debut campaign for the house below.

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